The Capital city that almost was, Bastrop was beaten out by Waterloo as the capital city of Texas but residents today are happy Bastrop has remained a charming small historic town in Texas. The area was inhabited first by Spanish soldiers at a temporary fort along the Old San Antonio Road. Later the town was named after a local who helped Moses and Stephen Austin to obtain land grants. Bastrop was laid out in traditional Mexican style with a central town square and surrounding streets for business and housing.

For a brief time, the town was renamed Mina but then again named Bastrop when the area was incorporated under the laws of Texas. In 1862 most of the town was destroyed by fire and new buildings were slowly erected…many still standing today. In 1979 The Register for Historic Places admitted 131 Bastrop buildings to its register and Bastrop is referred to as the “Most Historic Small Town in Texas”.

Bastrop Independent School District is on the move and is one of the fastest growing central Texas School Districts. Bastrop is home to 12 area campuses with a growing student population. The district strives daily to provide an exemplary education based on strong academic standards which include sporting programs and extracurricular activities that enhance the learning process. The students of Bastrop are enjoying a happy and productive school environment where learning is number one. The students are scoring well in state testing and owe their success to Bastrop’s well-rounded approach to learning.

Bastrop is an eclectic community with a strong sense of heritage and history mingled with modern infrastructure and conveniences. These together make Bastrop a visual pleasing community where variety is the spice of life. The Historic Old Town section of Bastrop exudes 19th-century charm with period buildings and housing. Visitors flock to Bastrop to enjoy a day browsing antique shops filled with treasures from yesteryear. The residents, however, love the variety of modern businesses and services that serve the locals of Bastrop.

The population of Bastrop is reported at just over 7500 residents. These people enjoy a small town where you can shop and dine near home avoiding the traffic and congestion of the big city. Homes in the area have a median price of about $118,000. You’ll find 19th-century charmers and 21st century modern and every housing choice in between. The area is filled with homes constructed in the 1980s and 1990s and a new home building is continuing today. If the choice is what you want, Bastrop offers more than you can imagine.

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